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Procedures for Music Class

Procedures, Rewards, and Consequences for Music Class  

Rockin' Rebels are:


  • Please come into the music room quietly, and be ready to learn.
  • Be ready to follow directions!


  • Please respect others' personal space.
  • Be attentive when the teacher is talking
  • Use only kind words when speaking to others.


  • Think before you act.
  • Take responsibility for your actions.
  • Always tell the truth.


  • Verbal praise
  • Pink Tickets
  • Sticker on the incentive chart
  • Classes that receive all of their stickers in a six week grading period will receive the "Rockin' Rebels" Music Award. I know that every class can win this award every six weeks!


  • The student will receive a verbal warning.
  • The student will sign the sad pad*.
  • The student will receive a white slip** and an "N" in conduct.

*If a student signs the sad pad three times in one six weeks, he/she will receive a white slip and an "N" in conduct.

**If a student commits a serious act of misconduct (such as curse or hit another student), I will issue a white slip immediately, and the student will receive an "N" in conduct for the six weeks.