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National Guidance Counselor's Week
This week, "National School Counselor's Week", we want to take a moment to pay tribute to our Guidance Counselor...

MES will be celebrating National Kindness Week February 14 - 18. "Kindness is a Muscle" The sole purpose of this week...

WOW! Would you look at all of that CANDY! Over 3,000 bags!! MES has the Best Supportive Parents and WE APPRECIATE YOU SO MUCH. With...

A Huge Success!
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Be Happy. Be Brave. Be Drug Free
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Extra Practice

Every 1st Wednesday of Every Month
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Don’t forget to thank a Farmer for working long days and weekends to make sure there is food on everyone’s table.

ATTENDANCE POLICY School will not be in session on those days which the Carroll County Board of Education deems...