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Official Communication between Parent and School
Posted On:
Thursday, March 22, 2012

As we encourage you, the parent, to communicate with your child's teacher there are certain guidelines to go by in contacting the faculty and staff. Official communication is considered to be: 1. A handwritten note. 2. An e-mail (in which will be printed out for legality purposes and student records) and 3. Call the office and request a call back from your child's teacher. By no means will 'Texting' or 'Facebooking' be accepted as an official mode of communication. If you have a concern regarding your child's well-being or academic achievement, call the office @ 352-5272 and we will be sure to have your teacher return the call. Also, as another reminder, if you need to change your child's destination route you will need to send a written note to the teacher or drop one off in the office. For the safety of your child, we DO NOT accept destination changes via telephone.

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