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Making the Move to Kindergarten
KINDERGARTEN >> Making the Move to Kindergarten
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My child will just make the age cutoff. Should I hold my child back a year?

What if my child is really stressed out about the change?


There's no firm rule to follow.  And, there are pros and cons for each choice.  Just remember that the final decision is yours. 
You may want to consult:

  • Your child's preschool teacher of day-care provider
  • The staff at the new school
  • Parents who have held their children back.

You may also want to read books on child development that deal with this issue.

What if my child is really stressed out about the change?
Try to find out his or her specific worries.  Encourage your child to ask questions.  Be positive in your answers. 
Visit the new school together before kindergarten starts.

What resources are available for parents?
Contact the new school for information about:

  • Parent-teacher groups
  • Parent involvement programs
  • Other resources, such as special education programs.

For information about parenting classes and child development, you can contact:

  • Preschools and day-care centers
  • Libraries and community colleges
  • Hospitals and other health-care facilities.



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