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Brandy Baumgardner Staff Photo
Subjects Taught
Pre-K, Special Education


B.S. in Psychology

M.S. in Counseling

M.A. in Education

Ed.S. in Leadership


I'm so excited to have your child in my class!

In my previous career, I worked as a social worker and in-home counselor.  I have been in education since 2005 and have worked with students from ages 3-22.  I believe each child is unique, with special challenges, quirks, gifts, and endearments.  I love structure, routine, and clear expectations.  I welcome parent/guardian input and seek to ensure each child is successful to his/her greatest extent.  Preschool is about so much more than simply teaching to standards and many life lessons are learned during these formative years.  I hope you will partner with me in helping your child reach his/her maximum potential.