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Supply List 

McKenzie Elementary School

Kindergarten Supply List


Please provide these items for your child entering kindergarten.

Please put your child’s name on all supplies

o   Backpack (no rollers)

o   Glue Sticks (6 packs for the year) / 1 bottle of Elmer’s White Glue

o   24 pack of small Crayola crayons (6 packs for the year)

o   Children’s safety scissors (metal blunt tip)

o   1 Pack of Markers (classic colors)

o   Pencils

o   Small plastic pencil box

o   1 watercolor set

o   2 boxes of tissues

o   1 set of dry erase markers

o   2 Highlighters

o   1 pack of baby wipes

o   Germ-X


Please bring all supplies to your Meet the Teacher appointment.

Thank you!!!

Kindergarten Teachers