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Weekly Newsletter 


  Mrs. Kelly's Newsletter

September 7th- 11th  




Reading:"Pizza at Sally's" and "Everybody Works"



          Letter T t  

* My child can identify the letter and the sound of T t  .

* My child can write the letter T t   . 

Sight Word:
 we, see
* Please let me know when your child is ready to test on a list in his/ her folder. 



*Shape Review




 Number of the Week:

      Number 5

* My child can identify, count, and make sets in a group of five.

*Number 5 Test Friday





Special Unit:

Fire Safety


Other Information:

* We will be in P.E. on Tuesdays and Fridays. Please be sure your child wears tennis shoes on these days. 

* Please be sure you have your car rider sign when picking up a child. You must have the sign to pick up your child. If you do not have a car rider sign you will have to go in to check the child out in the office. 

* Please be sure any change of destination is sent in writing. No telephone call will be accepted.  

*Backpacks and folders are needed at school everyday.  

* Please sign and clean out your child's folder every day!

Communication is Key


Have a Great Week!


Mrs. Kelly