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Parent Involvement Plan
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Friday, September 11, 2009
Family Involvement Policy

McKenzie Elementary School

Family Involvement Plan

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McKenzie Elementary School's family involvement policy has been developed in cooperation with the school's advisory committee. This plan will be reviewed annually and updated as necessary.


Student Success is greatly increased when parents/guardians get involved and reinforce skills outside of school. Students whose parents take a positive, active role in their education enjoy school and are more successful than those who receive little support outside of school. Parents are asked and encouraged to communicate with their child's teacher regularly. Parents are also encouraged to contact the guidance counselor or administration with any questions or concerns regarding any aspects of their child's education. There are various organizations within McKenzie Elementary School for parents and the community to be involved in such as the Parent-Teacher Organization, Principal's Advisory Council, and M.E.S. Volunteers.



Educating a child requires a team effort. As an important part of this team, parents/guardians agree to:

  • See that my child is punctual and attends school regularly.
  • Support the school in its efforts to maintain proper discipline.
  • Provide a home environment that encourages my child to learn.
  • Insist that all homework assignments are completed.
  • Communicate with my child's teachers.
  • Stay aware of what my child is learning.
  • Encourage my child to read at home and monitor his/her TV viewing.
  • Make an effort to volunteer at my child's school.
  • Make sure my child has necessary school supplies.
  • Teach my child to be responsible for his/her actions.



  • Parents/guardians of participating children will be invited and encouraged to attend annual meeting where the parent involvement policy, legal requirements, and parent's/guardian's rights to be involved will be explained.
  • Parents/guardians will be given access to state curriculum standards and standardized testing information through regular meetings.
  • Meetings will be scheduled at flexible times throughout the year if requested.
  • The committees formed to develop and review federal programs will include parents. These committees include but are not limited to the Principal's Advisory Committee, the Pre-K Parent Committee, and the Parent-Teacher Organization.
  • Parents will be kept informed of information through:
    • Newsletters, filers, parent/guardian meetings, and Web sites,
    • Report cards and T-CAP results sent home,
    • Weekly reports, weekly work samples, and Accelerated Reader progress reports may be sent home,
    • Classroom and school policies sent home at the beginning of the school year,
    • Curriculum guides on file in each classroom and posted on school website,
    • T-CAP explanations sent home and posted on school website,
    • Daily/weekly assessments achieved through teacher-made tests and observations,
    • Parent-Teacher Conferences held twice per school year in the spring and fall,
    • Individual teacher/school conferences available by appointment,
    • Notes and phone calls to teachers or administrators addressed in a timely fashion



  • Materials and training sessions provided, if needed, to explain
    • The components of a school-wide program,
    • State assessment
    • Family involvement requirements
  • PTO - Meets approximately four (4) times per school year,
  • Community Service - Partner with Kiwanis on canned food and pull tab drive
  • Student Motivation - Partner with Kiwanis on academic and citizenship awards
  • Monthly calendars & menus
  • M.E.S. Volunteers - Coordinated through the front office
  • Vision and hearing screening - Lion's Club/MSSD speech pathologist
  • After-school tutoring
  • A Family Resource Center for material checkout is located in our school. Items on topics such as parenting skills, helping your child with academics, and many other miscellaneous materials are available.
  • Information provided to parent/guardian in their native language if available,
  • Provisions will be made for limited English proficiency or disabled parents as the need arises,
  • Consideration given to requests for parental involvement activities submitted to the school by parents.
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